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Sir Big-Bang

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Date d'inscription : 03/04/2010
Age : 24
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MessageSujet: Puppetz Hero Metallica   Sam 3 Avr - 10:23

Tier 1: Warmup

1.1 The Unforgiven
1.2 For Whom the Bell Tolls [Video]
1.3 The Thing That Should Not Be
1.4 Escape
1.5 Ain't My B*tch [Video]
1.E Nothing Else Matters (Encore) [Video]

Download Link: ?vdmjzhijeyj
Mirror Link: 2FM3ROD9

Tier 2: Apprentice

2.1 Holier Than Thou [Video]
2.2 No Leaf Clover
2.3 Seek And Destroy
2.4 To Live is to Die
2.5 Devils Dance [Video]
2.E Fade to Black (Encore) [Video]

Download Link: ?h2jiimcwzvg
Mirror Link: 6D7VUHK2

Tier 3: Solid

3.1 King Nothing
3.2 Frantic (Live)
3.3 Last Caress/Green Hell [Video]
3.4 Broken, Beat & Scarred [Video]
3.5 Don't Tread on Me
3.E The Call of Ktulu [Video]

Download Link: ?nmbnnintn4n
Mirror Link: KL8OTD36

Tier 4: Moderate

4.1 Orion [Video]
4.2 Eye of the Beholder [Video]
4.3 No Remorse [Video]
4.4 Cyanide [Video]
4.5 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
4.E Jump in the Fire (Encore)

Download Link: ?fkmytznxzzd
Mirror Link: 4R09S0J0

Tier 5: Challenging

5.1 Phantom Lord
5.2 Of Wolf and Man [Video]
5.3 That Was Just Your Life
5.4 Whiplash
5.5 The Day That Never Comes
5.E Master of Puppets [Video]

Download Link: ?m5inw4wjjt5
Mirror Link: 7YGSPZLS

Tier 6: Nightmare

6.1 The Frayed Ends of Sanity
6.2 Blitzkrieg [Video]
6.3 Am I Evil [Video]
6.4 All Nightmare Long [Video]
6.5 Leper Messiah
6.E Mercyful Fate

Download Link: ?zmidmmnhmj1
Mirror Link: HXA4OOL5

Tier 7: Insane

7.1 The Prince
7.2 The Judas Kiss
7.3 The Four Horsemen
7.4 Metal Militia
7.5 My Apocalypse [Video]
7.E Hit the Lights

Download Link: ?dyywnwajkmn
Mirror Link: SN1BP4JQ

Tier 8: Impossible

8.1 Creeping Death (Live) [Video]
8.2 Disposable Heroes [Video]
8.3 Fight Fire With Fire [Video]
8.4 One (Live) [Video]
8.5 Dyers Eve [Video]
8.E Damage Inc. (Live)

Download Link: ?u1ym3b1z1yj
Mirror Link: GEY3LYJ8

Bonus Songs:

0.1 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
0.2 Die, Die My Darling
0.3 Motorbreath
0.4 So What
0.5 St. Anger
0.6 Suicide and Redemption (J.H)
0.7 The End of the Line
0.8 The Unforgiven III

Download Link: ?wj2mzhjmgdm
Mirror Link: OJHXAHII

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